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(About comic books and other things of little consequence. Updated sporadically.)

Tim Drake is my least favorite Robin. I find his portrayal in canon uncompelling and his ukefication in fanon annoying as hell.

Jason Todd is my favorite Robin, and he has every right to hate his family over the way they've treated him.

The Joker is my least favorite villain. He's overused and overrated, and I hate the fandom glamorization/idealization of his relationship with Harley Quinn, because the man is a mass murdering psychopath. This goes double for all you idiots who write Joker/OC fic.

Grant Morrison is a moron who can't do decent characterization to save his life, and regularly sacrifices it in favor of gimmicky, convoluted plots. I hate what he's doing now, especially to Jason, and I can't wait for him to get the hell off the Bat-books.

Frank Miller is a misogynist.

I already think the new Batman movie is going to be awful based on the casting choices. Anne Hathaway is a terrible choice for Catwoman -- excuse me Selina Kyle. She can't pull off femme fatale, and I guess it was too much to hope for a woman in the Nolanverse who wasn't a bland, lifeless brunette. Also, whitewashing Bane? Not cool. >:|

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Yeah! red hood, yeah *dances*
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Omigosh, those JasonxConnor fics, what I just discovered recently, and they are here on DA and I can fave them, omigosh! *FAVE FAVE WATCH*

God, I love that pairing!
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Yay! The crack spreads! <3
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I actually read a HalxJordan new year's fic ages ago that mentioned them, and I was like "OHMYGOD WANT", and then I lost the fic and spent a year looking for ANYTHING with the two of them. Recently relocated the fic, saved its spot, and then the author recced your fics to me, which is just- made my day in every way possible. ^___^
StolenThunder Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
...Oh! Would that happen to be DarthBatgirl? With the fic where Jason spikes the eggnog at the Queen family Xmas party?
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